Albentia Systems has been a manufacturer of broadband wireless access solutions since 2004. Our headquarters are located in Madrid, where we design, develop and manufacture solutions based on aerDOCSIS technology for access and transport applications.

Albentia is part of the BTESA group (Broad Telecom S.A.), a leading company in the TV broadcasting market, which has been designing and manufacturing analog and digital TV transmitters with a strong national and international presence for more than 30 years. The experience of the BTESA group provides important logistical and financial support from one of the most solid companies in the Spanish market.

The philosophy of Albentia Systems is based on two fundamental pillars: quality and transparency. Albentia Systems' commitment is customer satisfaction. We are aware of the excellence of our products, but we want to go further in our relationships with our customers. All of our organization and planning is oriented towards the end customer, to satisfy their needs optimally, and to build loyalty based on closeness, communication, interaction and reactivity.